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April 21, 2023

· One min read

Key Driver Analysis Enhancements

  • Segment name filtering vastly improved, allowing for partial matches
  • Dimension value multi-select can now be typed before all options have loaded
  • We’ve removed the rank column in the Segment table to provide a cleaner look
  • We added the option to “Like” or “Dislike” specific segment. This data will be used to further improve the ranking models
  • Improved Segment Table cell numerical formatting

Trend Detection Enhancements

  • Now week binning aligns with the organization’s settings
  • Chart’s vertical axis now can be formatted with percentages

Core Engine

Analyses speed gets a boost — Sisu strives to provide customers with deep, actionable insights by processing data in real-time. Ingestion of customers data accounts for a significant portion of performing a Sisu analysis. The team has rolled out a new distributed data plane architecture that allows us to run analyses ‘closer’ to the customer’s data, utilizing the same cloud provider and a cloud region closer to the customer data. This can yield a 90% reduction in data loading times in some cases.

Bug Fixes

Fixed “page glitching” issues by removing erroneous hooks