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March 10, 2023

· 2 min read

Key Driver Analysis Improvements

  • More readable Segment Table — We heard your feedback, and improved what you see by default in the segment table. Now, segments are sorted by Impact by default, and grouped by rows i.e. see segments of first order. We also show you more relevant data: % Change in value, % Change in size. You can still see “relative change” and “Confidence” by clicking on the “+” column button.
  • The “Recommended” Quick Sort now has improved logic that takes into consideration multiple columns: impact, % change in size, % change, etc. to recommend segments that might be most useful to look at.

💡 Did you know? You can click on the drop-down next to “Segment Name” or any other column title and filter segments and dimensions, as well as sort them as per what you think is more relevant.

Sisu App Experience

Named API Keys — API keys are issued to allow customers to access Sisu functionality. By design, the API keys are cryptic, lengthy and hard for humans to understand. When generating an API key, customers can now provide an easy to reference, human readable name for their API keys. This will allows users to better manage multiple API keys when using Sisu’s external APIs.


More segment details now available in the Analysis API — All calculations will be returned in analysis results by default. Here is a sample section of the Analysis results with the new calculations in the response:

                        "Change": -14035.643245,
"Change in size": -0.4822598577334499,
"Mix effect": 0,
"Net effect": -22.09602603542628,
"Net relative effect": 0,
"Rate effect": -22.09602603542628,
"Relative % change": -0.9280667114551557,
"Relative change": -1739538.3199999488,
"Relative mix effect": 22.09602603542628,
"Unweighted change in average": -45.81767626124708,
"Weight": -44678,
"Weighted change in sum": -2047042.139999997

Bug Fixes

Data source connection viewer can now load a large number of tables — Customers sometimes have thousands of tables for a given connection. Previously this degraded performance and froze the app in Sisu’s query editor. We’ve fixed this issue.