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February 24, 2023

· 2 min read

Key Driver Analysis Improvements

  • Count Distinct is now available for Key Drivers Analysis! You can use Count Distinct as a metric measure! This will be helpful to users who want to run their analysis with this type of aggregation on dimensions. It is supported now for all Key Drivers Analyses (KDAs).
  • Key Drivers Analysis page improvements.
    • You can now sort by the rank column too! The rank column is the first grey column in a segment table that has the “rank” for each segment given.
    • Now we show you both the change and change % on the KDA headline for metrics without a rate measure. No more hovering over the % change to see the actual value.

Sisu App Experience

  • Share analyses and/or dashboards to users via Email. Users can now share an analysis or dashboard to a list of users via email. Just click on the Share button (top right, next to the Run button) and select any existing Sisu users or invite new users via email from the analysis page itself! New users will be added as View Only users by default. This makes it frictionless for analysts to share an analysis or dashboard they’re excited about to many stakeholders in their team
  • List Analyses for a Metric. Users can now see the list of analyses for any metric in the “metrics” tab. When viewing the list of metrics, the user can click on the “# Analyses” link in the table to see this list.


  • The metrics API includes the metric unit information now. This simplifies and standardizes the unit formatting and our presentation for customers’ reporting and sharing needs.
    "metrics": [
    "createdAt": "2022-11-21T23:02:30.721071Z",
    "datasetId": "438549",
    "desiredDirection": "DESIRED_DIRECTION_INCREASE",
    "id": "62795",
    **"kpiUnitsConfig": {
    "kmb": true,**
    **"type": "UNIT_TYPE_NUMBER"**
    "metricDimension": {
    "name": "ORDER_VALUE"
    "name": "Jay's AOV",
    "timeDimensionName": "ORDER_DATE_DT",

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fix Data Source deletion timeouts. When initiating data source deletion, especially in cases where data size was extremely large, the data source deletion was timing out. Now, your data source delete completes successfully.
    2. Better error for out-of-range time period on the trends page
    3. Natural Language List View had a bug, we were decreasing each segment by 100%, no more! This is fixed.