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October 17, 2022

· 3 min read

Product Enhancements

  1. Key Driver Analyses
    1. Introducing Confidence buckets (High/Medium/Low) for each segment so you can easily tell whether a segment’s impact on the metric is due to noise or has statistical relevance.
    2. The time comparison selector on the KDA page now allows you to reset the date range to default
    3. The minimum subgroup size now shows up as a top-level configuration item for better visibility
  2. Trend Detection
    1. We now also show trends for any 2 and 3 segment combinations! This makes it easier to find those higher order segment combinations that might be driving your metrics.
    2. You can also set the maximum number of segment combinations you want Sisu to automatically analyze in the “Configure Analysis” menu
    3. The effects of monthly seasonality are now accounted for in the anomaly detection algorithm!
  3. Dashboards
    1. Resizable Dashboard Waterfall tile: Waterfall charts are one of Sisu’s most differentiated visualizations describing metric change - they can now be resized and better fit into dashboards.
    2. Named dashboard delete modals: When the user is asked to confirm deletion of a dashboard, the modal question now includes the dashboard name, re-enforcing to the user what they’re deleting.
  4. API access for get/set Key Driver Analyses Filters
    1. Through a POST request to api/v1/analyses/{analysis_id}/filters users may now overwrite filters in a previously defined KDA/trend
    2. Through a GET request to api/v1/analyses/{analysis_id}/filters users may now view the defined filters on a KDA/trend
    3. This will allow for programmatic bulk creation of similar analyses with different segment filters in conjunction with the duplicate KDA API operation (in-progress)
  5. Metric setup
    1. We are working towards making Metric definitions more editable without impacting downstream analyses. As a first step you can now change metric calculation type and the metric dimension!
    2. During metric setup, the input for adding a time dimension now validates that the selected time dimension is in the correct format!
    3. Null Handling in Metrics: When Null or NaN value is present in weighted average or numeric rate metrics, analysis and exploration would return different data for the same metric. This feature fixes the discrepancy by excluding null by default from the above weighted metrics. The user can decide whether they want to include null values in the calculation.
  6. Renaming Initiative
    1. Renamed several keywords found in the app to align with industry lingo
      1. Subgroup is now Segment
      2. Fact is now Segment
      3. Column is now Dimension
      4. Slope is now Trend

Bugs Fixed

  1. Core Engine
    • Fixed sampling v1 row count statistic
    • Mitigate email errors from empty data-frame run
  2. Dashboard/Exploration Tiles — Fix exploration chart tile popover getting clipped
  3. Analysis page — filter and compare fields were using display name instead of actual column name
  4. Trend Detection — Users seeing slow trend creation times due to a custom call retrieving start/end trend dates should see now a max of 3 seconds before the new trend is created