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June 10, 2022

· 2 min read
  1. [Beta] Trend Detection
    • We increased the speed of running time series stats by 45x.
    • We now support time period aggregations, by day, week, or month
    • Subgroup sizes are now shown on a per-trend basis rather than overall for Trend Detection.
    • Trend analyses now ignore leading zeros in the data
    • Sisu now gracefully handles datasets without data in the analysis period
    • Added custom time filter to replace history length
  2. Key Driver Analyses
    • When there are few facts on the Fact Table, we now automatically “ungroup” the facts so you can see them all. Without this, order 2 and 3 facts would be hidden.
    • Filter dropdown values are now sorted numerically or alphabetically and not by how prevalent they are.
  3. Dimension Management
    • Dimensions are now sorted alphabetically in both the key driver analysis and time comparison dimension modal, as well as the metric setup page.
    • You can now quickly filter dimensions by data type so you can easily see and find the dimensions that are strings, numbers, booleans or time-stamps.
  4. Boards & Embedding
    • Added “Share” link to copy the URL of a board
    • [Beta] You can now pin the time chart from the fact detail page to a board or embed it in Tableau
  5. Improving Analyses Run Speed
    • Key driver analysis → Unweighted categorical compares now runs faster for some datasets
    • Enabled native Snowflake unload to Azure
    • Fixed a bug in the ‘compare top driver’ algorithm which improves workflow times for large datasets
  6. Project Page
    • Updated analysis tags to show more explicit types: “General performance”, “Trend”, “Time compare”, “Exploration”
  7. Metrics Setup
    • Added “select all” and “deselect all” for dimension lists in metric setup
    • Made “duplicate metric” more discoverable in metric setup