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May 27, 2022

· 3 min read
  1. [Beta] Trend Detection improvements
    • Time grain configurability: You can now examine trends aggregated by day (existing), week, or month
    • Control trend sensitivity: Some data sets have a lot of noise, and some don't. Now you're able to adjust how sensitive you want our trend detection algorithm to behave.
    • Subgroup size calculation: See the size of each subgroup during a trend and not just over the whole data set period. This should help you paint a better picture of just how impactful this subgroup was during a trend.
    • Zero filtering: Missing data for one day/week/month? Trend detection can now ignore “zeros” to more confidently and accurately determine actual trends and trend changes.
  2. [Beta] Row Sampling for Key Driver Analyses: You can now run key driver analyses on a sample of your data (e.g. 10% of rows randomly sampled). This improves analyses run time by 2-10x and allows you to quickly iterate on your dimension setup before running on full data.
  3. Dynamic time filters for General Performance and Group Comparisons: You can now dynamically filter on time ranges in all key driver analyses (i.e. not just time comparisons). This means you don't have to update their date selection as time progresses (e.g. "Last month"). This makes it easier to enable Auto-Run and starting Following such analyses
  4. Verified metrics: You can now toggle a metric as “verified”. With verified on, you know which metrics are the source of truth and worth using (among duplicates or various versions) in order to save time and trust analysis results.
  5. App Navigation:
    • In the project analyses list page, you now clearly see which type of key driver analysis was run (e.g., ”Time comparison”). This makes it easier to know what type of analyses you are navigating to.
    • You can create a metric and analyze from within projects. This interaction was available in the data and metrics tab and is now available in the projects tab as well!
  6. SQL editor improvements
    • Improved table name view: You can now (A) resize the side pane; to see the ENTIRE_TABLE_NAME_NO_MATTER_HOW_LONG_IT_IS, (B) hover to see the full name (C) click to copy the table name, and (D) see the custom query name or table name of current data preview.
    • Faster typing: We fixed a bug causing a typing lag. Type as fast as you can!
    • Explore a Query: You can now directly open an Exploratory Analyses to explore the results of a SQL query without needing to create a metric first! This makes it easier to do some data exploration for a table before creating metrics for further analyses.
  7. Dashboards & Sharing
    • Pin Key Driver Fact Table to Dashboards: You can now pin the Fact Table from the Key Driver Analysis page to a dashboard by clicking a “pin” button, and selecting your favorite dashboard(s).
    • [Beta] Embed Fact Tables in Tableau: You can now embed any Fact Table into Tableau and share the magic of Sisu with Tableau.