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Understanding trend detections

Sisu’s trend detection analysis helps you confidently identify new trends in your data as they happen. Save time by not only investigating the changes that matter, but also proactively address changes in subpopulations before they have more substantial impact on your overall business.


Here, we see a trend detection analysis that's been configured to analyze an Activation Rate metric. The analysis page comprises a few major components:

  • Trend Overview

    • See the latest trend for your overall metric, compared against the previous trend.
    • In this case, the latest trend for the overall Activation Rate is decreasing by 0.0036 per week, which represents a -4.22% week-over-week change.
  • Trend Chart

    • Here, the data points for the overall metric is plotted over the course of the past two years. The latest changes in trend are identified by the red "Trend Change" indicator.
    • You can also choose to visualize trends for a differet subgroup of your data by clicking on the dropdown above the chart, currently "Overall metric."
  • Subgroup Trends Table

    • See the latest trends for different slices of your data — which subgroups had recent trend changes? Which subgroup trends are driving the most impact on your overall metric?
  • Subgroup Detail

    • If you want to drill into historical trends for a subgroup, you can also click on a subgroup in the subgroup trends table to investigate it further.
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