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Metric library

Sisu's Metric Library is an easy way to discover and reuse existing metrics and create new metrics if needed. Sisu enables analyzers to find and manage their metrics in one central space. The page includes a seamless path to analysis creation once a user finds or creates a metric.



In the Metric Library, a user can:

  1. Edit the metric's definition
  2. View the metric's dataset in the Data Library
  3. Create a new analysis in a project
  4. Duplicate the metric
  5. Delete the metric

Creating a new metric is also an option if the desired metric can't be found.

Other Capabilities

  • In the library, it's possible to sort based on metric name, calculation type, metric dimension, and the number of analyses the metric is used in.
  • Metrics can be filtered based on calculation type or source (e.g. integration).
  • Metrics can be searched based on their name.
  • The metric creator or source is visible next to the information tooltip (i) and actions menu "..."
  • Hover over the dataset icon to view the dataset name, or use the (i) tooltip.