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Setting up the Looker Integration

Sisu Insights for Looker is only available via private preview. Please contact [email protected] for information.

Enabling Sisu analysis within Looker requires a one-time setup that is simple yet ensures secure practices. The actions are performed by a Looker administrator with appropriate privileges.

Installing the Application

Enable the feature in Admin>Labs

  • In your Admin panel, click the Labs section
  • Find the toggle for "Sisu Insights Integration" under the "Beta" section and toggle that to on. It should look like this when complete:


Install the Sisu Insights Extension

  • Navigate to the 3rd Party Integrations page via the left menu: Admin > Platform > 3rd Party Integrations. Once there, you should see the following option to install


  • Click on Install Extension button. Looker will initiate the installation process in a new pop-up window. Looker will provide a message after completion.

  • Next, it is time to set up Sisu for usage within Looker. This is mostly a one-time setup. Here are a few things that happen as part of the Sisu setup.

    • Consent to sharing data with Sisu
      • Admin users need to consent to sharing their API credentials with Sisu. This is used to access metadata from Looker related to your Organization’s configuration.
    • Sisu will automatically generate an environment within the Sisu application, there is no additional setup outside of Looker.
      • A user account is created for the Admin user in Sisu. This user has full access in Sisu.
    • Setup Data Source Connectivity
      • We will show all the supported data sources available (and configured) in Looker. assets/install4.png
      • For each data source, Admin users need to press “Connect” and provide the password **for the account accessing the database. This allows Sisu to connect with the customers' Data warehouse directly.
    • Best practices for performance: enable faster ingest:
      • In order to provide a highly performant experience, we provide the option of specifying a Scratch schema for Snowflake data source. This is an important consideration and we strongly recommend using this approach
      • To create a new Scratch schema, follow the instructions provided during setup.

Manage Sisu Setup

Update Extension

  • From time to time, the Sisu Insights extension will require upgrades to versions that support newer features and/ or bug fixes. Once a new version of the extension has been published to the Looker marketplace, the Looker Admin user can update the extension via clicking the “Update Sisu Extension” button on the 3rd party integration page: assets/install5.png
  • There may be additional steps prompted on the screen during the update.

Update Data source(s) Connectivity

  • Sisu supports the need to update data source connectivity information. We recognize that sometimes organizations need to change data source credentials or might want to bring in newer data sources or even disconnect from a data source. All these actions are supported after the initial setup process

Update API credentials

  • After the initial setup, Sisu provides the ability to rotate the API credentials that were shared with Sisu

Uninstall Sisu Extension

  • Selecting this option, the analysis data and user account-related information held by Sisu will be deleted and the extension will be removed from your Looker dashboards. Please use caution when using this option.