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Welcome to Sisu Documentation

Whether you need help with a specific need or you want to learn more about what Sisu can do for you, you're in the right place.

First, we recommend watching this video, which gives you an overall introduction to Sisu:

Our documentation is organized into the categories you see at the top of this screen. The articles within the selected category are displayed in a panel on the left.

The content of each category is described here:

Get StartedIf you're new to Sisu, we recommend starting with the articles in this section, which explain basic concepts in Sisu that are important to understand as you begin using the system.
DataLearn how to upload data from a CSV file or connect to your data in various external warehouses.
Projects & DashboardsLearn how to set up and manage Projects and Dashboards.
ExplorationsLearn how to use Explorations to understand what is happening with your data, and how to add Exploration visualizations to a Dashboard.
Key Driver Analyses (KDAs)Learn how to set up, run, and interpret Key Driver Analyses (KDAs) to understand what drives changes in your data. Understand how to manipulate Facts, and understand charts.
Trend Detection AnalysesLearn how to set up, run, and interpret Trend Detections to monitor for new trends and anomalies in your business metrics.
Manage AccountsLearn how to change your password, log out of Sisu and view Sisu’s Privacy Policy. Admin users can learn how to create and manage custom roles and how to invite users to Sisu, as well control settings for the organization.
Get HelpStuck? Visit this section for FAQs, troubleshooting tips, a list of supported browsers, and contact information.

Thank you for using Sisu Data. We're excited for the insights and benefits you will receive by tapping into the awesome power of your data!