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Looker -> Sisu integration

Sisu’s new integration with Looker enables customers to quickly and easily monitor and diagnose changes in their key metrics. The integration is a direct path from a Looker Explore to a Sisu key driver analysis. Sisu automatically imports the LookML and creates a metric and dataset based on the Explore’s LookML model and analysis containing the dimensions of the Explore.


The data source in Looker must match the data source in Sisu.

Initial Setup

  1. Go to Looker “Admin” → “User attributes”. Create a user attribute sisu_API_token. Type: string, user access: edit, hide values: no



  2. Go to Sisu “Account” → “My API tokens”. Copy the token.

  3. Go back to Looker “Admin → user admin". Edit the sisu_API_token user attribute and paste the API token.

  4. Go to “Admin” → “Actions”. Scroll to bottom of page and “Add action hub”. Paste the URL


  5. “Enable” the Sisu action, selecting the API token. Test the action and save.


Kicking Off an Analysis

  1. Go to a Looker dashboard or Explore


  2. Configure the explore. Click the explore actions (⚙️) and “Send”.

  3. Select the General Performance KDA. Select the data source used for both Looker and Sisu. Then “Send”. If the send fails, then the token or data source may be incorrect.


  4. Open your scratchpad project in Sisu. An analysis with metric and dataset is automatically generated and run in Sisu based on the measure and dimensions defined in the LookML of the Explore.